I Woke Up Like This #realconsumerreviews

I Woke Up Like This was the first beauty brand that Ksisters brought in two years ago. It is a brand that uses natural ingredients, has a mild botanical formula and is suitable for all skin types, including people with sensitive skin and pregnant women as well.

IWLT received tremendous support and is still one of top selling brands in Ksisters today. To celebrate this milestone, we invited 6 ladies from the IWLT family to share with us their skincare journey with the brand and all products recommended by them will be on promo at 10% off from 1st to 11th Oct.

 - Dry and Sensitive Skin - 

Linda, 34, Webarre Co-Founder
Jacyln, 36, Regional Manager

Linda has dry & sensitive skin, and she came across this brand while scrolling through social media. Her skincare routine consists of cleansing, toning and if she has time, she would do a toner mask by soaking cotton pads with the toner to deeply hydrate her skin and absorb all the goodness! 

Besides having dry & sensitive skin, Jacyln also deals with eczema. Thus she has to be extra careful when selecting skincare products, otherwise, her face may break out and rashes may form. Luckily, she came across I Woke Up Like This from her boyfriend and also heard good reviews from Linda. Her curiosity has made her a huge fan of the products as they are gentle and non-irritating. She alternates between the All In One Glow Concentrate Ampoule and Hydra Extra Concentrate Serum to keep her dry skin moisturised.

As Linda and Jacyln have active lifestyles, they always make sure to keep their face clean by cleansing after workouts and layer on moisturiser to prevent their skin from being dehydrated.   


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- Combination/Oily Skin - 

TJ, 28, Professional
Joanne, 28, Executive

TJ has combination dry skin and one of the problems she faced was finding a suitable moisturiser that is lightweight yet hydrating. She finally came across the Purifying Skin Balance Cream which works well for her as it is lightweight yet hydrating and does not give her milia seeds unlike other creams. 

Joanne also has combination dry skin thus she has to find products that are hydrating yet noncomedogenic. With an active lifestyle and wanting to achieve a clean, fresh face after a workout before running along with errands, she likes to use the Hydrating Treatment Toner and Purifying Skin Balance Cream to do a quick skincare routine to keep her skin hydrated.

Both TJ and Joanne mentioned that they have very quick skincare routines as IWLT products are simple yet effective at providing what their skin needs.


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 - Dry Skin - 

Stephanie, 32, Public Servant
Lauren, 32, Mom-to-be

Since she was young, Stephanie has had very dry and acne prone skin. Her job also requires long hours in A/C room, which can further dry out her skin, so she makes sure that her skin is well moisturised at the start of the day by using the Oil Foam Cleanser. She finishes off her skincare routine by using the Hydra Moisture Day and Night Cream, which was recommended to her by Lauren. 

Lauren used to have combination skin, however, due to pregnancy, hormonal changes caused her skin to be drier than usual. She emphasises on using more moisturising products such as the Hydra Extra Concentrate Serum, Hydra Moisture Day and Night Cream and the All in One Concentrate Treatment Mask to combat the dryness. 

The Sun Cream is well loved by both ladies as it is lightweight, non-sticky nor tacky and it gives off a glowing effect  effortlessly achieving the radiant and healthy look!


Check out Stephanie and Lauren's recommended products:

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