Drea x Ksisters 4 Step Glowing Kit


Back in October 2020, a special beauty collaboration was presented by Ksisters and Singapore's top influencer Andrea Chong @dreachong, who is also the founder of The DC Edit. Our collaboration resulted in a curated K-beauty kit which was named "들" (deul).

Our Drea x Ksisters 4 Step Glowing Kit in its comforting sage green box with a splash of sky blue and a mix of floral motifs  all inspired by the aesthetic of open fields.

"들" (deul) is a 4-Step Glowing Kit that is perfect for anyone who wants to embark on a journey to achieving skin radiance and refinement or simply for someone who wants to restart their skincare regime with ease.

Origin of the name "들" (deul)

The name "들" (deul) came about after a brainstorming session where Team Ksisters & The DC Edit team wanted a Korean element that would remind everyone of Drea's image and her name at the same time. 

Drea's love for nature and her favourite colour palette, consisting of greens, blues and neutral colours, reminded Jungmin of colours and the mood of an open field. Hence, she came up with the name "들" (deul), which means "open field" in Korean. Also, "Drea" sounds very similar to "들" (deul), so what could possibly be a more perfect name than this? With all these in mind, we settled contentedly for "들" (deul) as the kit's name.

While we were working on this project, "들" (deul) became a great breather for us. Since we couldn't travel, simply recalling all the beautiful memories in 들 (think Jeju Island!) gave us positive energy and motivation to keep going and working hard despite the pandemic. By creating this kit, we hoped that this curation could spread the same positive energy to everyone while they went through their days!

Note From Jungmin,

3 years ago, I met Drea at Boutique Fairs. After we got to know each other, we met again while I was hosting Beauty & The Biz in 2019. Drea and her The DC Edit team were our main media partner and had supported this meaningful "women supporting women" pop-up for 3 days with lots of dedication & love. I was very touched by her heartwarming support back then.

When our team was working on this year's edition of the 4 Step K-Beauty Kit in February, we wanted to incorporate a special collab with Singapore's most loved online personality. The first person who came to our team's minds was Drea, so we proposed a collaboration with her back then, which she happily said "yes"! We sent her more than 100 skincare products curated on our website, and Drea selected more than 30 to try for several months before handpicking her top 4 products with love.

Note From Drea,

Imagine starting your day with the warm kiss of sunlight, the smell of morning dew, and the touch of a gentle cool breeze. That’s how sensorial we want your Drea x Ksisters glowing kit to be. This is a 4-step skincare routine that will leave your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and free - as if you’ve been transported to an open field on a warm Summer’s Day.

We're sure you've heard of the legendary "Korean 10 Step Skincare Routine" but do you know that it's actually not suitable for our skin in tropical climate countries like Singapore? To ensure that our #ksistersfam could attain the best version of their skin, we created the "Singapore 4 Step Skincare Routine" with a series of 4 Step K-Beauty Kits.

The Drea x Ksisters 4 Step Glowing Kit was specially curated by Drea, while keeping in mind the 4 core steps of skincare: Cleanse, Prep, Treat, Protect. Drea has combination skin (oily T-zone & dry cheeks), but this kit was made ideal for all skin types and helps you to achieve clear, glowing skin.

The limited edition Drea x Ksisters 4 Step Glowing Kit contained:

Along with these products, the kit also included limited edition items such as a beauty sponge, a thematic canvas pouch and some postcards featuring images we took during the shoot.

Each core step of skincare mentioned was represented by specially handpicked products carried by Ksisters, first starting out with BY ECOM Pure Calming Bubble Cleanser as the first step. 

Step 1 (Cleanse): BY ECOM Pure Calming Bubble Cleanser


    After cleansing, it is crucial for you to tone after. Facial toner aids in the minimisation of the appearance of pores and helps to create a smoother looking appearance. Not only do toners help with these, they are also a great additional step to clean dirt, oils and impurities more efficiently than cleanser alone. Doing all of that and more for you, Drea's pick of the second step (Prep) is the Bonabella 28Days Return Booster.

    Step 2 (Prep): Bonabella 28Days Return Booster

      After toning, it is vital for you to add moisture back into your skin with a moisturiser for a hydrated and supple finish on the skin. Moisturising everyday can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness, which in turns helps to prevent breakouts or flakiness. To help with all that and more, the third pick in the kit is the chosen Bonabella Teatree Calming Moisturizer.

      Step 3 (Treat): Bonabella Teatree Calming Moisturizer


        Everyone has heard that sunscreen is extremely important, but why? Not only does it prevent skin ageing and dark spots, it even decreases the risk of skin cancers. It's never ever too early to start using a sun care product, and definitely not a step to skip out on. Your skin would thank you later! In this kit, we included Drea's choice of sun cream, namely the I Woke Up Like This Protecting Base Sun Cream.

        Step 4 (Protect): I Woke Up Like This Protecting Base Sun Cream (SPF50+ / PA+++)


        To ensure that this collaboration would go all well, Team Ksisters and the DC Edit Team had put in our best efforts on the backend, focusing our time on creating informative and engaging content on set. With how eloquent our hosts were, the whole shoot was rather smooth-sailing and fun. Take a look at the IGTV over on our Instagram here or scroll down for the full video, where Drea and Jungmin shared more about the curated products, ways to use them and other K-beauty tips!

        Get Ready With You BTS: Showcasing the 4 curated products while sharing general K-Beauty tips and information on the collaboration to each other and the audience.

        Drea and Jungmin trying the second step of the kit, namely the Bonabella 28Day Return Booster. With the toner, they tried it with a popularizing K-beauty trend known as "skin pack", where cotton pads are soaked with lotion, essence, or toner and applied on the face for retaining absorption.

        BTS of Andrea's Solo Q&A Section where she answers questions about her personal skincare journey, her experience with Ksisters products and K-beauty in general!



        In celebration of this collaboration, we held a surprise giveaway for our #ksistersfam after launch in order for more of you to experience the goodness of this kit along with us. The giveaway was greatly well-received, and Team Ksisters all had a wondrous time reading through your comments that in turn gave us comfort during the pandemic. 

        We absolutely loved working with Andrea and her team, and we are so excited for collaborations that would be coming our way in the future. Team Ksisters would also like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has shown love and supported this collaboration, by purchasing or even just by looking through our posts. 

        With the birth of this noteworthy collaboration kit, we hoped that this was be able to lift your spirits even just a little and bring some light-heartedness to everyone amidst the disheartening period we just went through. Now, with the situation improving day by day, we hope to be able to see the light at end of the tunnel with our #ksistersfam soon enough. 

        Stay tuned for more delightful collaborations and works in the future!

        With love,
        Team Ksisters