Your skin is an important organ which does a lot without you noticing; it renews itself, it protects everything inside you and keeps itself moisturised. You may have a comfortable skincare routine going on, but are you aware of some skincare mistakes you may be committing yourself? Smooth, poreless skin begins with acing the basics, especially ridding of bad skincare habits and being aware of any skincare mistakes you are committing.

Read on as we educate you to help enhance your skincare routine for #myskinbutbetter.

Mistake #1: You only need to apply sunscreen before going outdoors.

Never skip on sunscreen! Did you know that most skin damages occur from simply not applying sunscreen daily? UVA and UVB rays are able to penetrate through even when you are indoors hence regardless of the weather and if you are heading out or not, stay protected by always applying (and reapplying) sunscreen. Jungmin highly recommends applying sunscreen by Botanical Therapy on your young ones too.

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Mistake #2: Those with oily skin need not moisturise.

Skipping out on moisturiser may be the biggest skincare mistake of all as the skin is not receiving enough moisture to retain hydration and maintain the skin barrier. If you feel that your skin gets too oily, perhaps you are not using the right moisturiser. IWLT Purifying Skin Balance (Pink) Cream is great for combination or oily skin types. For normal to dry skin, we recommend IWLT Hydra Moisture Day and Night (Purple) Cream.

 Mistake #3: You do not need to moisturise your body.

Majority of individuals are guilty of neglecting body care as they usually feel that it is not necessary or redundant. But body skin actually has less sebaceous glands than the face, so it is more prone to dryness and tends to flake. Especially in our hot and humid weather, we shower more often than other colder countries so our skin protection layer is more easily damaged and we wear short clothing so skin damage from UV is quite severe too! IWLT Intensive Treatment Body Cream provides deep moisturising and promotes skin elasticity. To lock in extra moisture, you may use IWLT Intensive Treatment Body Oil which is non-sticky.

Bonus, both products are made from natural ingredients, ideal for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies!

Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not washing your hands before applying skincare or touching your face
  • Not sanitising your phone frequently
  • Using expired products or products past their shelf lives
  • Sleeping with makeup on
  • Not using products suitable for your skin type
  • Over exfoliating
  • Mixing the wrong skincare products together
  • Allowing your serum or ampoule dropper to touch your face
  • Using dirty makeup brushes or sponges
  • Not using sunscreen in the daytime
  • Not double cleansing after using sunscreen and/or makeup
  • Neglecting skincare application on the neck and chest


Everyone's skincare journey is personal and good skin requires a 360 degree approach to skin health. By implementing positive skincare habits, you are on your way to #myskinbutbetter! 

Keep glowing #ksistersfam :)