Our Disney Princess Story



Why we decided to team up with Disney Singapore 

Disney Princesses hold a special place in many of our hearts. Growing up, we would always tune in to our favourite Disney programmes and the life-long lessons of the shows have been deeply embedded in our memories. It is pretty safe to say that Disney has played an integral role in our growing up years and have helped create fond family memories with our loved ones. 

And this was the case for founder Jungmin too. She loved collecting Disney-themed items but found it pretty tricky to search for feminine and sophisticated clothing designs ideal for office-wear. Though she does get lucky and find certain pieces that tick all the boxes, they do not come in twinning designs for her daughters, Yeonsoo and Jooha.

This sparked the idea of creating classic yet stylish twinning Disney dresses and PJs, which led to Jungmin sharing her passion and plan with Disney Singapore! What makes this collaboration so special? Instead of launching a single collection, this partnership will see a series of collections featuring 3 different princesses that are set to be revealed in the latter half of the year (psst, the Ariel range is currently available on site so do check it out if you have yet to!). 

On Princess Ariel as the first character to be featured

Little Mermaid was the first Disney movie that Jungmin watched in theatres. She was 5 years old back then in 1991 but up till this day, is still mesmerised at Ariel's passion and endless curiosity for the human world. Though 3 decades have passed, Ariel is still her favourite Disney princess. Plus, Ariel's friendship with her loyal friends like Sebastian and Flounder upped the comedic element of the movie.

Paying homage to her favourite Disney Princess, The Little Mermaid was chosen to spearhead the entire project, which will see two more launches slated to drop in September and December respectively. The upcoming collections will feature new princesses, coupled with different story lines - a staple in each Disney campaign. 

The designs and embroidery details 



Each design was created in-house by our team. We spent some time on the designs and finally settled on the perfect pattern for our first ever collection. The day dresses come with delicate embroidery around the neckline. The embroidery on the mum's and kid's day dresses are slightly different, with the mum's dress having additional prints featuring Sebastian.

We made multiple designs of the embroidery to ensure we were satisfied with the final piece. The embroidery mirrors life under the sea, where it seems balanced and peaceful. The motifs with two mermaids and two flounders were inspired by Jungmin's daughters, Yeonso and Jooha, who are also the two Ksisters~ Comfort and quality were always our top priority as well, which is why we engaged a reputable Korean fashion manufacturer to produce our dress collection. 

The twinning day dress


We were insistent on keeping to the same Ariel-inspired colour theme, which is why the day dress comes in a muted turqoise shade that is wearable, chic and still feminine. The airy and lightweight twinning day dresses are also perfect for our hot and humid climate, and even comes with pockets on both sides to store any essentials! Each dress features a button on the back (read: no zippers) and an inner lining on the chest portion so you can wear this comfortably. While there may not be any lining on the bottom half of the dress, the material is not too translucent so you don't have to worry at all (trust us, we are all for comfy clothes). We are also loving the puffed sleeves and delicate embroidery around the neckline, making it a wearable piece for everyday. 

The twinning PJs

Next up, the twinning PJs!  The 2-piece top and pants PJ set is made with a lightweight material that's ideal for our weather and features The Little Mermaid motifs printed against a turquoise coloured fabric.



What else we love about this? It also comes with pockets on both sides of the pants and frill collar details, which will definitely appeal to all girly girls. The pants feature elastic bands to sit comfortably on the waist and a button up top. Not forgetting, matching eye masks that come printed with The Little Mermaid motifs~ The frills along the sides of the eye mask ups its fun factor too!



The tote bags and accompanying accessories 

Apart from our twinning fashion pieces, the collection also features a tote, detachable sling bag, charms and alphabet patches! 

The uber versatile tote bag for mummies was made in Korea by popular bag brand, OuiOui (you can shop for the products on our site~) and carefully crafted in a handbag factory. These factories are known to create better, higher quality bags compared to the ones that make backpacks. Made of good quality materials, this tote bag is sturdy but still lightweight! 


It is also roomy enough to fit most essentials (yes, including your 13inch laptop) and comes in a green and turqoise colourway. It has pockets on the sides with Princess Ariel prints to snugly fit in your phone, airpods - you name it. PS: The strap on this is non-detachable!

Additionally, the tote comes with a fun twinning clip-on sling bag! Also in a green and turqoise colourway, this features adjustable - and detachable - straps and comes with The Little Mermaid embroidery to easily match with any outfit. 

To jazz up these bags, add on our cute bag charms, which are shaped like seashells! You can even customise the charm with the separate alphabet patches. Whether it is your initials or kids' names, opt for any alphabet of your choice to elevate your entire look! Plus, it looks great with the collection and is made from real cow leather, which explains why it is slightly pricier~

We always make sure that each sample made was tested by our closest friends so that we could get their feedback and opinions. The process of making this collection became a precious memory for Yeonsoo, Jooha and Jungmin, so we hope you will love it as much as we do!