[VIP] Ksisters x Bruno Cook With Me Zoom Event!

Just last week, we hosted our first online event via zoom with our vips ! This session was different from what we usually do yet it was a meaningful connection with our vips 🧡

Firstly - it's our first online and cooking event! We have done so many skincare demo, but cooking with 3 dishes online was indeed a special one!

Secondly - We get to partner with our fav cookware brand, Bruno together with Team Maison Ace!! We are so excited to have them to share insider tips and tricks on how to spice up a sumptuous fuss free yet creative meals ready for home party AND also to keep it IG worthy with Bruno cookware! - ALSO they are the brains that come out with innovative recipes from our 3 launching products! *scroll till the bottom for the recipes* 

Short introduction of Bruno

Bruno Hot Plate is first introduced to Singapore by @maisonace (ig) in 2017 with the belief that cooking and eating together is the heart of a family's day. Every single product is tried and tested by the team; and will only curate products they use in their own homes. 

 <Past collaboration in 2018 with Maison Ace Team>


Lastly - To have our wonderful vips joining us in this cooking session in the comfort of their home - whether you have cook with us or asking questions about our products - we are truly happy to have our vips participated, we really love the enthusiasm and questions flooding in the chat box!  

<our session 1 ladies> 

<our session 2 ladies> 

In this event, our vips got to try 3 different products from CJ that we will be launching on 15 Apr 2021! Prior to this - we have tried different brands and single out that Bibigo taste authentic to home!

<Featuring Bibigo Ginseng Chicken soup, spicy mushroom soup & sliced kimchi radish>  

To bring our vips a little travel to Korea, we have specially wrapped each parcel in Korean traditional wrapping before delivery! It really made our team miss Korea and travelling~ 

<Our bogaji parcels to our zoom vips> 

<Bogaji parcels ready for delivery> 

During the event, with my cute host Andralynn from Maison Ace Team, we get to introduce the story behind each dishes and also demonstrate how to cook each dish! 

<Featuring Founder, Lee Jungmin and Maison Ace brand ambassador, Andraylynn>

The first dish we were cooking was Yakgaejang (육개장) - Spicy mushroom soup. This soup dish were usually eaten during winter to keep warm but it is also a nourishing soup to be consume in summer to fight summer heat. In this session, Bruno have prepared this dish,  Kinoko Takikomi Gohan - translate as mushroom boiled rice which the Japanese usually eat in the morning for breakfast. It is something really special! Would have never thought of using soup to create a rice dish 😋

 <The finishing touch of Kinoko Takikomi Gohan prepared by Andralynn> 

Doesn't it look lovely & delicious! The colours is so vibrant! Surprisingly, it does not taste spicy after making it into a rice dish! 🍚

The second dish we were cooking was Samgyetang- Chicken ginseng soup. A popular dish that will flood the Korean food streets & restaurants during the hottest days of summer (3 bok: 삼복). Koreans traditionally eat this dish during the hot summer to keep their energy and to balance their body heat. there is this saying in Korean / Chinese, Yi yeol chi yeol (以熱治熱: 이열치열) - which means fight fire with fire. This is a must eat dish like singapore local dessert, tang yuan to be eaten on 15th day of CNY. 

<Preparing chicken ginseng soup in Bruno compact spilt pot>

Look at the garnishing! With a little reds and greens, this chicken soup totally looks so good! Also a little secret - it has glutinous rice inside! During our vip session, we also received how many comments how ladies love that this is a whole chicken which looks lovely for presentation. 

The final dish that Andraylynn cooked which was very special and innovative dish was Ebi Kimchi Cream Sauce - which tasted a bit tangy and spicy. This dish was made with radish kimchi! 

<During our rehearsals, Jungmin squeezing the essence from the prawn heads to make Ebi Kimchi Sauce> 


In Korea, there are more than 180 different varieties of kimchi, but the common ones are usually 13 varieties. Kimchi started long ago in our ancestors time which they eat these fermented vegetables in winter. However in recent times when chilli powder was introduce, that is where kimchi started to become spicy.

And this Kimchi Kkaduki which we are using are usually paired with soup based food. This is also the reason why we have introduce these 3 dishes together as they are closely related. 

Look at it! Doesn't they look amazing and delicious! Trust me they smell, see & taste really good in real life! 

Also what's amazing is all 3 dishes were spend less than an hour to complete in a clean, neat & ready to serve! (without including preparation time) 

At the end of the sessions, we are also happy to announced & offered to each of our participants a discount code for their shopping with Ksisters & Maison Ace! And to our 2 active participants in each sessions will receive a Lunchbox warmer from Bruno! 

We hope everyone in these sessions had a great time cooking & engaging with us online! It is truly a memorable event together & seeing everyone! 

Thank you Maison Ace Team for creating these amazing recipes and hosting with us! 

  <Photo together after finishing our cooking session>

Recipes Created by Maison Ace Team

[for Bruno x Ksisters Cook With me Zoom Event]