Be My Valentine

How was your Valentine's day? I am so happy to share Ksisters Valentine's Day event behind story.

I thought Valentine's day is the most romantic day of the year. and wanted to do something for our mamas. Because we are mums but mum is a woman too right? So why not being romantic for ourselves? Since I always love surprise flower bouquet delivery a lot, I wanted to send same happiness to our VIPs. So, I decided to arrange secret hand-tied flower bouquet delivery! 

It was difficult to choose right flower shop! Simply because there are so many great shops in Singapore. But since Ksisters stands for K-style, I wanted to work with Korean florist. After searching I found one fine florist, Hyunjin Chang, who is behind Pobeau at home. (website: Instagram @pobeau_athome).

I also decided to take 1:1 private lesson on Valentine's day for SNS event. How it worked was If you shared our event post, tagged your friends, and left you comment, and I will pick one mom and deliver this bouquet to the mom (or to beloved) personally! The event became really popular, so I had difficult time to choose winner!

On Valentine's day, I visited pobeau at home flower studio. 

She already prepared all flowers few days ago! They were all trimmed and conditioned well! In her usual class, you get to start from the trimming, but this time we had so many bouquets to make. So she prepared beforehand.

Just looking at them made me so happy already!

This flower name is Wax flower! It is dried as it is so perfect for your dry flower too! They helped me to give a sophisticated accent to my beautiful flower! 

And this beautiful orange carnations!!!

Hint of Eucalyptus completed the delicate look!

Lesson was all about how to build the beautiful hand-tied bouquet. I practiced a lot with these beautiful orange carnations. The key was how to hold with balanced power. If you hold too tight, the shape will not become oval. Too loose, then they all drops!

Finally I learnt how to build a proper one!

And started to build the real bouquet I will deliver!

Beautifully done! I was so proud of my self haha

And then wrapping!

Flowers for VIPs were also ready by then!

Half were pink and half were orange! While we are preparing these, I carefully read all comments and checked their accounts. It was so busy and fun! I chose Roxanne, who has been really caring and supportive for us for long time!  So made an announcement and sent her direct message! Luckily she was available at that time, so I grabbed my uber and headed to her! (almost like 007 movie right? everything was agile! ) 

When I delivered to her, she was really happy! check out her instagram account, she shared few stories about this delivery! Meanwhile our flowers for VIPs were on their ways too. Whenever mamas received them, they sent me messages and posted on their Instagram! Reading all their stories, I felt really happy to be able to do this kind of event, which certainly brightened up our precious mamas days! 

This event was not sponsored event at all, so I fully paid for everything like flower lesson, flower bouquets, and delivery arrangements! But after seeing your reactions, I felt it was totally worth it! I wish I can do more exciting and beautiful events for precious Ksisters mamas! Have a beautiful week ahead, and I wish Ksisters is always there for your to add this beautiful touch to your beautiful life!