Skincare basics: Masks

I’m using skincare products on a daily basis so why do I still need a mask?

Even if I do, which or what kind of mask do I actually need? How often should I mask? How should I incorporate masking into my skincare regimen?

In this post, let us take you through the basics of what you need to know when it comes to masking.


Sheet Masks
Sheet mask is generally face-shaped and loaded with nutrition-packed serum. What is the difference between putting a mask on for a couple of minutes and simply applying a serum or ampoule then?

Well, the couple of minutes that you have the mask on, the goodness of the essence is working and loading itself into your skin’s inner layers.
The sheet itself prevents rapid water evaporation and extends the time the ingredient stays on the skin hence providing better absorption of the product along with hydration.
This explains why we highly recommend using a mask for SOS for emergency relief or for that immediate glowy skin effect. 

A myth about sheet masks is that the longer the mask is left on, the better the result.


In fact, when you leave the mask on longer than the recommended period, you may get an adverse effect.
As the essence from the mask gradually dries up, your skin’s natural moisture gets taken away at the same time.

Hence, even though the mask may seem still full of essence at the end of the recommended period of usage, do not leave it on and remember to pat in all the residue before it evaporates!


Sheet mask usage: Cleanse -> Tone -> Serum/Ampoule (can skip for those who prefers so) -> Eye Cream -> Mask -> Moisturiser


Dr.Hands Mask Pack

Of all the sheet masks we offer, one of the gentlest available will be Dr.Hands Mask Pack. It’s so mild, gentle and soothing, one can even use it to calm skin after aesthetic treatments like laser treatment.  

For all the Bebetox Perfect Pore Program fans, have a complete skin treatment session at home when you pair up with this mask! You can store the mask in the refrigerator and after the microneedling session, put the mask on for an absolutely cooling, soothing and calming experience.

Follow with the Bebetox Repair Cream to complete the ritual. 


Clay Masks
Since sheet masks can do such a wonderful job, why do I still need to go through the hassle of using a clay mask?
While sheet masks can provide you with that immediate effect you like, the effect may not be able to stay and last as long as you like.

Besides giving you results like instant brightening, hydration and soothing etc. one important thing clay mask can do for our skin that sheet mask can’t is deep pore cleansing.
Clay masks have the ability to remove impurities from pores as we rinse them off our skin.

With clean pores, our skincare products will be able to absorb better into our skin hence boosting the effectiveness of them. 

Clay mask usage: Cleanse -> Mask -> Tone -> Serum/Ampoule -> Eye Cream -> Moisturiser


Lavien Collagen Ice Gel Pad

Other than making us look good, there are masks out there which are to make us feel good during application too.

Our Lavien Collagen Ice Gel Pad is one good example.

This pad helps to give that chok chok and bouncy skin thanks to the 69% Collagen Essence it contains.

It can be used on any part of the skin which needs to be calmed and soothed. It is also able to bring down the temperature of the skin and hydrate intensely which makes it a perfect solution for those of us who got sunburnt, are experiencing maskne, or simply have skin sensitive to the environment.

What is unique to this pad is that after putting it on for a while, you can remove and leave it at room temperature till it’s cooled down(about 30 seconds to 1 minute) and put back onto skin again to keep the cooling effect going. 


Ice Gel Pad usage: Cleanse -> Tone -> Serum/Ampoule (can skip for those who prefers so) -> Eye Cream -> Mask -> Moisturiser


Ohiohoo Water Brick Pack 

Then, there is the leave-on sleeping mask.

For those of us who have had a long day and just want to go to bed asap, the leave-on mask might be the best solution. You do not need to take note of the time the mask has been left on, or wait for the mask to dry before you can rinse off and apply your usual skincare products.

The OHIOHOO Water Brick Pack which is a multi-purpose product that can be used as a moisturiser, skin booster or sleeping mask.

1. Immediately after shower, use a small amount to reduce moisture loss, hydrate, and soothe at the same time! You can continue to dry yourself, get dressed and proceed with your usual skincare regimen.

2. To use it as a moisturiser, after cleansing simply put on your toner, eye cream, serum/ampoule and apply a regular amount of product on.

3. To use as a sleeping mask, follow the steps above but apply a generous amount instead. OR, after cleansing you can simply put a generous amount of product on and you are done!


Now that you are aware of the variety of masks available, the question now would be how often should you be using them?
The standard recommendation would be 1 - 2 times a week for most masks.
However, you can always adjust your usage accordingly.

There are moments where we may not feel like going through our standard skincare routine, a mask can always come in as a handy alternative.
Then there are those times where our skin gets all cranky and our usual skincare products don't seem suitable, you can always replace them with a mask then. 

In the world of skincare, there is no absolute right or wrong in the regimen you set for yourself.
Whatever gives the best #myskinbutbetter result for you, just keep going!

 Till next time, keep being you!