Men Essentials

Father’s Day is just around the corner, have you figured out what to get for the man of your life?

Never thought that there would be products in Ksisters that would be great not just for yourself but for your beloved one as well?

Walk with us as we share with you the products which are practical and great for a gift!

Facial Wash

As easy-going as most men may be, keeping our face clean is the basic that everyone needs.
However, all of us still have different skin conditions and needs!

Most men may not be particular about the facial wash they use but this Father’s Day, treat the man to a facial wash which not just cleanses the skin but actually caters to their skin needs. 

Using the right facial wash is the first and the simplest step to taking care of our skin right. We have a wide range of facial wash to cater to the different skin conditions.



After cleansing, the next most important thing is to moisturise! 

Most men do not have the habit or even enjoy applying anything on their face hence using products that are fuss-free, quick and easy is the key for them. 

For these requirements, we highly recommend getting our OHIOHOO Water Brick Pack or OHIOHOO Rolly Cica Soothing Gel
They can be applied quickly and effortlessly and they wouldn’t even feel it on the skin after application. 
They can even be used as their after-shave care!

Hair Care 

Experiencing hair loss is a part of life.

It may be due to genes, aging, lifestyle, or even stress of life hence it's natural that some of us experience hair loss more than others. Phytopecia has products which are perfect to restore our scalp health and boost hair growth easily and effectively. 

Use the Phytopecia+ Shampoo to deeply cleanse our scalp so that our roots are clean and our hair can grow.
For a further boost for strong, healthy hair growth, use the Hair Tonic on dry scalp.
Use them 1 - 2 times a week for preventive measures or use them daily to effectively boost hair growth.

For scalp damage due to chemical treatments like dye/perm/straightening, we recommend using the Scalp Essence to restore a healthy scalp.



With age, our body metabolism starts to slow down and all signs of aging and unhealthiness start showing up. Our hectic lifestyle makes it even harder to take good care of our health. 

Now, there’s an easy way to do it! 

Just by taking 1 BNR17 Diet Probiotics BNRthin Pro capsule a day, our gut health will gradually improve. With improved gut health, everything else in our system will fall back into place. We recommend taking 3 months or longer for best effects!

Of course, eating healthily and exercising will help to see even faster and better results.


Know a man who is taking care of himself well already? 
Are these products too basic for him?

Check in with our Beauty Advisor for recommendations on what are some other products we have that will suit he who is taking the time and effort to take care of his own well-being.

For those of us whose dads are still not paying attention to their own well-being, this is a great opportunity to start them on a journey to age gracefully, like ourselves.