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  • Recommended for: Individuals looking at improving their memory, blood circulation, eye dryness and blood triglycerides.
  • Nutritional Notes: NOT halal certified, vegan certified, vegetarian-friendly or keto-friendly
  • 1 box consists of 120 capsules (1 capsule: 760mg) for 2 months consumption hi.
  • Consult your physician or healthcare professional before taking the product. If abnormalities occur, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  • Vegetable Capsule (Carrageenan extracted from red algae)
  • Volume: 206g

Over 55k Boxes sold in Korea since 1st launch!

No.1 Most Trusted Health Supplement Brand in Korea, consumed by every household — Esther Formula by renowned prevent doctor, Dr. Yeo Esther is here!

Esther Formula Premium rTG Omega 1200 is a 4-in-1 functionality Omega-3 with the optimal amount of 1,200mg (EPA 870mg, DHA 330mg) that helps individuals to improve their blood circulation, blood triglycerides, eye dryness and memory, thereby lowering heart disease risks.

100% sourced from wild Alaskan fish oils ( Fish Source: Pollock (Gadus chalcoframmus)), processed from fresh-caught fish for human consumption, refined by family-owned and operated refinery in USA.

Who's Dr. Esther Yeo?

A Korean family and preventive doctor who has acclaimed popularity of over 20 years — No.1 casting wannabe list and in 2009, she started Esther Formula with her vision to help individuals rejuvenate through improved nutrition. Now, her company is leading the nutritional supplement business, with a total annual sales of SG$100 million.

"When Esther Formula was founded, every product was combined with the thoughts of each and every patient I have diagnosed, my sick childhood as well as my family."

The selection of raw materials and manufacturers are always referred to the objective evaluation criteria through the Consumer Lab and Nutritional Business Journal and reviewed through 18 evaluation criteria by Dr. Lyle MacWilliam, who has evaluated over 1,500 health functional foods.


They provide a good starting point to help reduce blood clotting in the arteries, inflammation, protects arteries from hardening (controlling the contraction and relaxation of artery walls), and reduces the level of triglycerides in the blood, in turn lowering the heart disease risks.

Furthermore, when you are unable to add sufficient omega-3s to your daily diet via food due to our busy working lifestyles, an omega-3 daily supplement comes in to help you maintain sufficient levels of good fat. Doing so has been associated with maintaining an optimal lipid profile.

OMEGA-3's 2 main components, EPA and DHA are important for your brain and eye health. EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) is important for brain and eye, and produces eicosanoids that help in inflammation reduction. It also prevents the blood from clotting easily, reduces triglyceride levels in the blood, and has effects that might reduce pain and swelling.

While DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) — The most important omega-3 fatty acid in your body is a key structural component of your brain, the retina of your eyes, and numerous other body parts. It is essential for the maintenance of normal brain function in adults. Together with EPA, DHA and EPA together may help reduce inflammation and your risk of chronic diseases, e.g. heart disease.


01 4-in-1 Functional oil care combination and designed by renowned Dr. Yeo Esther (a doctor of preventive medicine)

  • Recognised for its 4-in-1 functionality  — Helps improve blood triglycerides, eye dryness, blood flow and memory.
  • Premium rTG Omega 1200 contains 1,200mg (EPA 870mg, DHA 330mg) of single functional ingredient which is DHA and EPA oil and fat = The BEST optimal amount to support your overall health. 

*International institutions recommend that adults should consume at least 1,000 mg of Omega-3 per day.

02 Raw ingredient

  • Purity level of 80% with easily absorption in the body as it is a rTg Omega-3 (oil and fat with EPA and DHA)
    • 80% Pure = Maintains the purity of the EE-type and contains rTG-type EPA and DHA oil and fat that have been reprocessed for easy absorption
  • The bioavailability and absorption rate of EPA and DHA were increased by reducing impurities and saturated fatty acids while restoring the molecular form similar to that of its natural form.

 03 Convenience

  • Contained in heat resistant vegetable capsule
    • Minimises product damage from heat and shock through vegetable capsules extracted from red algae
  • Packed in individual, hygienic PTP packaging and portable
    • Easy to bring with you wherever you go, Easy to store
  • Easy to swallow (daily intake of 2 capsules) and no after taste


Several factors contribute to an individual’s omega-3 status, making it difficult to estimate the amount of EPA+DHA needed for optimal cellular health.

If you would like to measure your omega-3 blood levels and determine your personal dietary requirements, Omega-3 blood testing is recommended as the most efficient way to do so.

Importantly, as organs are made up of cells, consuming sufficient EPA and DHA is essential to allow our organs to function more optimally, contributing to a greater general health. 


  • Take 2 soft gels per day with plenty of water, after meal. 
    • It is recommended to avoid acidic drinks or hot water when it is taken.
      • In general, when you take nutritional supplements such as omega 3, you should drink lukewarm water.
      • Hot water might reduce oesophagus and make difficult to take pills due to sudden temperature change.
    • If you have a medical condition or take any medication, consult a doctor prior to consumption.
      • Omega-3 may interact with blood thinners, e.g. aspirin, warfarin to cause excessive bleeding. If you are taking any medications, discuss with your pharmacist before starting omega-3 health supplements. Source: Healthhub
    • If you have any allergies, an overreaction may occur depending on each individual’s condition. Consult your physician or healthcare professional before taking the product. If abnormalities occur, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
    • This product is not intended to prevent or treat disease.

    *Kindly be advised for shipping food product overseas, please check and be advised by the local regulatory authorities before carting out.

    Please refer to our shipping policy on wellness products for complete info: Shipping policy

    Individuals who
    1) Are looking for clean, safe, high-quality omega 3 (EPA and DHA oil and fat)
    2) Want to improve their memory
    3) Want smooth blood circulation and metabolism
    4) Need improvement of blood triglycerides
    5) Eat meat and instant foods

    Oil and Fat containing EPA and DHA (80% of EPA and DHA [Germany]), Lemon Flavoured Oil (Lemon Oil, Almond Oil [USA]), [Capsule Base] Corn starch, Glycerin, Carrageenan

    1 box consists of 120 capsules for 2 months consumption.

    18 Dec 2025

    Precautions for Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Do not recycle for other purposes. Keep out of the reach of children.

    1. Can it really help improve memory?
    Yes, Premium rTG Omega 1200 has been recognised for its ability to help improve memory by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as it contains a daily intake of 1200mg of EPA and DHA oil and fat.

    2. How many should I take per day?
    Take 2 soft gels per day with plenty of water, after meal. With one serving, you can get 1200mg of EPA and DHA oil and fat.

    3. When should I consume it?
    You can consume it whenever you want, but it is recommended to take it after a meal. Since Premium rTG Omega 1200's main ingredient is EPA and DHA oil and fat, you may feel uncomfortable or bloated when taken on an empty stomach.

    4. Is it vegan-certified and vegetarian friendly?
    As Omega-3 itself is a fish oil, it is NOT vegan-certified and vegetarian friendly.

    The product is also manufactured in the same facility as products using pine nuts, eggs (poultry), buckwheat, peanuts, soybeans, wheat, mackerel, crab, shrimp, pork, peaches, tomatoes, sulfite, walnuts, chicken, beef, squid, shellfish (including oysters, abalone, mussels). They should check if this is okay for them before consuming.

    5. Is it suitable for pregnant, lactating, breastfeeding mothers or individuals experiencing pre-conception?
    Pregnant and lactating, breast-feeding women are not restricted from omega 3 intake, so it can be consumed. However, it is recommended that the individual should only purchase or consume after consultation with a specialist because it may differ among individuals during this sensitive period.

    6. If I consume Krill Oil, can I still consume this Omega-3?
    Yes there is no issue.

    7. How many years old can individuals start to consume this product?
    Omega 3 can be ingested as an essential ingredient for growth even for infants and toddlers. However, our Premium rTG Omega 1200 is a vegetable Omega-3 capsule and the capsule size is relatively large compared to others, we recommend individuals to consume only when they can swallow.

    8. How long should I take to see the results?
    It is recommended to be taken daily, consistently for at least 3 months. Several factors (e.g. lifestyle or diet) contribute to an individual’s omega-3 status, as such, results may vary among individuals. If you would like to understand more, it is recommended to measure your omega-3 blood levels and check if the triglycerides level has gone down before and after consuming this product.

    9. I am currently consuming Vitamin D and Zinc supplements, can I still consume this product?
    There is no reason to limit the simultaneous intake of Omega-3 and these supplements, so it can be taken at the same time. In addition, we recommend taking vitamin D, a fat-soluble component, at the same time as the consumption of oils such as omega 3 increases the utilisation rate in the body.

    10. Is there any other supplement I should avoid consuming while taking this product?
    Omega 3 is a common food ingredient, and there are no foods or medicines that specifically restrict intake. However, if you are taking thrombolytic drugs, please kindly consult a doctor before purchase.

    11. If I am also taking other supplements such as probiotics, enzyme and collagen (e.g. Gongmi Enzyme, Gongmi Tea, etc), can I still consume this product?
    It is okay to consume Omega with other products such as probiotics, enzyme or collagen altogether.Omega can be consumed with everything at the same time except for aspirin, warfarin.

    However, if you have a sensitive stomach, it is recommended for the omega-3 to be taken right after a meal for better digestion.

    12. Can the following individuals consume this?
    (With diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high HDL)
    The above individuals can consume that rTG Omega 1200. It is especially recommended for the ones with HDL to take Omega-3 to help prevent blood vessel inflammation due to bad cholesterol.

    13. Does this product help with menstrual pain?
    Menstrual pain can be divided into primary and secondary menstrual pain depending on the presence or absence of abnormalities in the pelvic organs, that is, when there is no abnormality in the pelvic organs, and secondary menstrual pain refers to menstrual pain caused by specific diseases in the pelvis.

    If a disease that can cause menstrual pain such as uterine myoma or ovarian tumours is found, it is diagnosed as secondary menstrual pain, and Omega 3, which acts as an anti-inflammatory effect on the disease, can help!

    For primary effect: Yes, it should help in some way although it may not have instant effect.

    14. Is it alright for a 5 year-old to consume? if yes, what's the recommended intake?
    Omega can be taken as unsaturated fatty acids essential for growing children. It is recommended to take 1 capsule a day for children under or equal to age of 5.

    Also, the capsules are large and difficult to swallow so the tip Dr.Esther gave was to pop the capsule, sprinkle it on cold yogurt or vegetable/salad, and recommend taking it as soon as possible after popping it.

    Do not spray it all over but concentrate on one part and consume it immediately. You can sprinkle it on soup but soup should not be too hot.

    15. For individuals with sensitive stomach
    For individuals with sensitive stomach/ intestines may experience symptoms such as loose stools after consuming OMEGA-3. This is not due to Omega-3 but the individual's stomach sensitivity.

    As such, it is recommended to continuously consume omega 3 to create a comfortable environment for the sensitive stomach.

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    Shona T.
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    Multiple purchases

    09 Mar 2024
    Rachel K.
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    Helps with dry eyes

    Easy to consume with no fishy smell and it helps with dry eyes.

    23 Feb 2024
    Cao L.
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    Esther Formula

    I have been consumed the Esther formula since 2023. It is easy to consume. It is helps built up my immune system stronger.

    18 Dec 2023
    Shona T.
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    Multiple purchases

    10 Nov 2023
    Singapore Singapore

    My eyesight doesn't seem so dry!

    I see a great improvement in my eyesight after consuming it since its first launch! They don't feel as dry as they did in the past ❤️ ❤️

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