Cosmic Mansion Diffuser (4 types)



  • Recommended for: Creating an authentic fragrance experience for any corner of your homes.
  • Available Scents: Another Morning, Linen & Musk, Girl with Rose and Full Moon
    • Jungmin's favourite scent: Full Moon
  • Each diffuser comes in a clear jar with 5 reeds.
  • Volume: 200ml


Cosmic Mansion Diffuser (4 types) is an organic diffuser that uses fragrance oil to create a unique space. Available in 4 scents — Another Morning, Linen & Musk, Girl with Rose and Full Moon. First seen at our Ksisters pop-up, Jung Island and highly well-received by our #ksistersfam.

Made from natural essential oil, Cosmic Mansion diffuser comes in a classic heat-resistant clear jar with 5 reeds. The brand takes pride in producing quality products using eco-friendly and 100% renewable plant-based ingredients. Using an organic approach to cultivate its essential oils for the various blends, the end product is all-natural and non-toxic.

    No.09 Another Morning: Sets the mood for a lively, vibrant and optimistic beginning. This clean and delicate fragrance composed of crisp florals approaches you charmingly. A grassy, green floral scent is blended with fresh freesia and tulip scent to energise another romantic morning.

    • Top note: Ghubarb, Freesia
    • Middle note: Jasmin, Tulip
    • Base note: Vetiver, Cedar Wood

    No.11 Linen & Musk: A relaxing and comforting fragrance. The powdery scent of sun-dried clean linen and blooming muguet flowers is topped with fresh Spanish sage and bergamot. The creamy blend with a baes of white musk and cedar gives off a subtle yet long lasting sensation. 

    • Top note: Spanish Sage, Bergamot
    • Middle note: Sun-dried linen, Muguet
    • Base note: White musk, Cesar

    No.04 Girl with Rose: Astringent, yet refreshing sweetness of grapefruit is blended with natural and raw Bulgarian rose for a wild appeal. Named 'Girl with Rose', this fragrance is unabashedly feminine, but it also leaves a strong impression from the mash of torn down rose petals and broken grapefruit. 

    • Top note: Bulgarian rose
    • Middle note: Grapefruit
    • Base note: Amber

      No.05 Full Moon: Known to treat insomnia and depression, lavender is blended with other floral notes like peony, jasmine, and orchid. This elegant and light floral fragrance will help you find peace at heart. Use it in the bedroom before bedtime to enhance full comfort and even keep the bugs away.

      • Top note: Lavender
      • Middle note: Peony, Orchid
      • Base note: Gardenia, Musk

        HOW TO USE

        • After receiving the product, cut the sticks to the desired length.
        • As the solution is absorbed into the sticks, the scent will start to spread slowly. (If the scent is still weak after 24 hours, add more sticks.)
        • Use 3-4 sticks for small spaces and 5 sticks for large spaces.
        • If the scent is too strong, reduce the number of sticks.
        • If the stick dries during use, the scent may become weaker, so turn the stick upside down periodically to get a stronger scent.
        • Five black coloured fiber sticks are included in the product and can be used for up to 3 to 4 months.
        • If you place it in a place where there is air circulation, the scent will spread better.

        Note: There may be a change in the colour due to exposure to high temperatures or air contact. The ingredients and scent remain intact and unaffected.

        vegetable fermented ethanol, fragrance oil

        8.5cm x 8.5cm, Stick: 30cm
        Each diffuser comes in a clear jar with 5 reeds.

        Another Morning: 20 May 2026
        Linen & Musk: 10 Dec 2025
        Girl with Rose: 20 May 2026
        Full Moon: 20 May 2026

        1. Keep out of reach of pets and children
        2. If the solution gets on leather, textiles or furniture, the surface can be damaged.
        3. If the solution gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water and consult a physician.
        4. Store away from high temperatures or direct sunlight.
        5. Be careful as it may break if subjected to impact.

        1. What is the material of the jar?

        2. Does the length of the stick affect the diffusion power?
        Yes, The fragrance diffusion varies depending on the quantity and length of the stick. Please refer to the following instructions.

        Use 3 sticks in a small space and 5 sticks if you want a wide space or strong fragrance. If you use 5 sticks, you can use them for 3 to 4 months.

        If you change the stick upside down once a week, the scent will be better. If you put it where there is air flow, you can feel a richer scent. It is an alcohol-based ingredient that has fermented grains, so you can use it with confidence.

        3. If someone plans to stock up, how long can one keep it for?
        It can be stored for about 3 years. If you use it with the reed stick, you can use it for more than 3 months.

        4. Why has the colour of the diffuser changed?
        The change in colour is attributed to exposure to high temperatures or air contact. The ingredients remain intact and unaffected.

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