Cheongsum Fermented Pear & Bellflower Root Concentrate

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Size: 30 sachets (10g) per box


Fermented pear & bellflower root is a drink Korean mums would make for their kids whenever they caught a cold. It's their home remedy and it usually takes a lot of time to make. Thankfully, we now have them in a sachet or concentrate drink!

The Cheongsum Fermented Pear & Bellflower Root Concentrate contains 100% natural ingredients: Pear, Bellflower Root, Ginger, Radish, Lily Turf, Licorice Root & Jujube, with immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties that help prevent cough and coldsMade with no additional sweeteners or preservatives, it's great for the entire family, even kids!

- People of all ages (adults & children) who need to guard their health against catching a cold, cough, flu or sore throat.
- Infants and toddlers who shun the taste of pear, bellflower root and ginger.
- People looking for a healthy substitute for coffee or carbonated drinks.
- People who lack vegetable and fruit intake.

Pear Concentrate [Pear 100%, Domestic] 56%, Bellflower Root Concentrate [Bellflower Root Concentrate(Solid Content 12.5%, Domestic) 89%, Fermented Medicinal Bellflower concentrate(Solid Content 50%, Domestic) 11%] 35%, Plant Mixture Concentrate[Dried Radish(Domestic), Ginger(Domestic), Jujube(Domestic), Lily turf(Domestic), Licorice Root(Domestic)]

Dietary Needs: Nutri Grade B

10g x 30pc

13 July 2025

Is it sweet?
- Yes, Pear concentrate has its natural sweetness, which does not come from sugar.

How many packets can I drink in a day?
- Recommended 1-2 packets per day

Do I need to drink before or after a meal?
- There is no set time, it is up to the consumer's preference. If you have a sensitive stomach, do consume it after a meal.

Can I add sugar/fruits/milk to the product?
- Yes, it is up to the consumer's preference.

Does it help to reduce phlegm?
- As seen on Cheongsum Smart-store on Naver, more than 1,000 customers in Korea have shared it helps to reduce phlegm and cough.

Is there a minimum age for consumption?
- There is no minimum age for consumption, but do consider a daily limit for toddler/ infants to consume. We recommend mixing it with hot/warm water for them (for those under 2 years old).

Can pregnant/breastfeeding mums consume?
- Yes, but we strongly encourage them to discuss any allergy concerns with a doctor/ gynaecologist prior to consumption.

Will it help those with sinus conditions?
- Yes, it helps, though it is more focused on alleviating cough and phlegm.

Is it halal or vegan friendly?
- It is Vegan certified only.

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21 Jun 2024
Singapore Singapore


Tastes slightly sour. Was expecting the taste to be herbal. Tried a number of sachets so far but not sure if it does help with cough or cold. I take it after a heavy meal to wash off the taste in my mouth.

23 Apr 2024
joy c.
Singapore Singapore

First time tryout

Always wanna to try out for this health supplement for cough, especially the unpredictable weather will fall sick easily. I bought it during promotion for the first time tryout, it tasted bitter firstly after that become sweet and didn't show much of coughing easily will continue to try out for this supplement !

26 Feb 2024
Wendy T.
Singapore Singapore

My kid loves it!

My kid loves it so much and always asked for it. Will definitely stock up more.

27 Dec 2023
Jo'an C.
Singapore Singapore

Cheongsum Fermented Pear & Bellflower Root Concentrate

Took these to our recent winter trip and my family drank these every morning coz the weather was way too cold and we were not used to it initially. Good to say that we didn’t catch any cold or cough at all the entire trip! Also good as a warm up drink on those wintry cold mornings!

01 Nov 2023
Kim K.
Singapore Singapore

Cheongsam Fermented Pear & Bellflower Root Concentrate

Was a bit worried if it would taste medicinal but was pleasantly surprised that it was pretty tasty. Easy to consume as the sachets are compact and the amt is just nice. I have coughed less after drinking it. No regrets in buying it

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