Cheongsum Bebe Mango Red Bellflower Root Juice - Pear & Fermented Calcium (30 packs)


Size: 30 packs x 100ml per box

Cheongsum Bebe Mango Red Bellflower Root Juice - Pear & Fermented Calcium contains 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives, including a high concentrate of Red Bellflower Root (over 15%!) and Fermented Calcium to support your child's growth.

Red Bellflower Root has immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties that help prevent cough and colds. Cheongsum's fermenting method of 삼중삼포 (sam-joong-sam-po) – 3 rounds of steaming and drying Red Bellflower Root, extracts the most saponin that helps strengthen the immune system.

Enjoy a healthy and delicious drink in convenient packets, suitable for children above 12 months.

Juice Extract [Pear 100% (domestic)] 70%, Fermented Red Bellflower Extract [more than 2.5% solid content (domestic)] 16.7%, Passionfruit Concentrate [38Brix, passionfruit (Vietnam), fructo-ogligosaccharide, purified water], Mango Concentrate [60Brix, (Israel)] 2.4%, Fermented Calcium Lactate 0.5%, Vitamin C

Dietary Needs: Nutri Grade C

30 packs x 100ml

29 Nov 2025

Q: Is it suitable for vegan/vegetarian/halal consumption?
A: Children’s beverages generally contain fruit content, but the calcium does not meet the criteria for vegan and vegetarian.

Q: How should I store it?
A: It is recommended to store it away from direct sunlight and keep it refrigerated for a refreshing consumption.

Q: How many packs should I consume a day?
A: We recommend consuming one pack per day, with a maximum of two packs per day.

Q: What is the difference between taking this and Cheongsum concentrate?
A: The concentrate contains more herbs than children’s fruit juice, and the children’s beverage is formulated as a health supplement to replace regular drinks. (For calcium intake, respiratory health, and as a substitute beverage)

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