Launching on 21 MARCH, Thursday at 12pm!

MZUU, a fashion jewelry brand headquartered in South Korea, was founded by Minzu Park, who serves as its owner and creative director. Each piece crafted by MZUU is meticulously handmade and features unique designs aimed at expressing the individual style and beauty of its wearer. The brand successfully strikes a balance between artistry and accessibility through its diverse range of products and designs.

Catch our live with founder Minzu Park to learn about the latest styling tips and trends! 

IG Live with Founder Minzu Park
20 March, Wed 12pm

MZUU has garnered popularity among South Korean celebrities, including Kim Ji-soo from Black Pink, Lee Hyo-ri, Choi Soo-young from Girls Generation, and many others.

The upcoming launch includes the MIMI Adorable Collection, featuring ribbon earrings and charms, offering versatility, trendiness, that will ensure you will never go out of style! MZUU's MUTE 2.0 collection remains a timeless choice suitable for everyday wear, whether it's for the workplace or an evening out, embodying classic elegance.