[VIP] Jan Make up Seminar 2021

 <IG: A highlight of our Vip Seminar>

Wow! It's 2021 already~!

Was just remembering last year around this period we were still hosting our Gongmi pop up event at Takashimaya for CNY but never will we expect that it will be the last time we get to meet our customers for the last time in 2020 face to face. It was indeed a memorable time back then! 

[How did this makeup seminar started?] 

It was in Dec, where we have a conversation with the team that made us more ready to meet our #ksistersfamily back again. There were many thoughts into this planning, health & safety is definitely our priority for our #ksistersfamily & also comply lawfully to the guidelines set by local enforcement. Also we thought since CNY & valentine is coming together, why not let's do something we & our vips have never done before. Hence #ksistersvip make up seminar was birth. 

 <Image: Our Ksisters Team ensuring every single vip is well-taken care throughout the event.> 

<Image: Our Ksisters Founder, Lee Jungmin, introducing our new & upcoming products.>  

To host a makeup event was a dream come true for us. That is always on our to do list but we wasn't sure if we are capable enough - it was indeed a step into the unknown. Also unlike many other events that we've hosted, part of us also reminisce the intimate session we have once held with our vips, such as a flower, leather crafting event. This season is definitely perfect~

<Image: Our #ksistersvip also invited to bring along a bff for this cosy session> 

<Image: Our guest MUA, Airin Lee, with model, Cora before the live demo.> 

This seminar was spread across 6 days with 3 sessions. And each vip get a makeup kit containing many of our favourite products + many firsthand new launch goodies such as our CLE CCC cream & Ohiohoo wash off mask sachets to get ready for this CNY / Valentine Day. One of the highlight in this seminar is also to learn the technique of eye make up! Yes! We struggle to achieve eye makeup too + these days we are behind our masks so often, why not let's learn & glam up our eyes? 🤩  

<Image: Featuring our upcoming & new products in Ksisters> 

<Image: Featuring brushes on our local collab with @13rushes and our makeup products> 

What's eye makeup without brushes? One of thing we can't hold our excitement is work together with @13rushes, a local make-up brush brand that offer our vips with 2 brushes to get ready with in our make-up kit. We love how this brand strongly believe in locally designed brushes, handcrafted workmanship & advocate on cruelty-free 

<Image: Our In-house MUA, Jasmine Ho, demonstrating eye makeup on model, Angie.> 

Also we have invited 2 amazing ladies to teach us the art & appreciation of make up. Firstly, MUA Airin Lee (IG: @imairinn) from @arly.co who has many years of experience in makeup industry and also actively work with many local fashion brands in Singapore. 

<Image: Our guest MUA, Airin Lee, @arly.co

Also our own in-house MUA @jasmin3_ho who is 7 years in this make-up industry & work with several international makeup brands! We know we are in good hands with their extensive knowledge and during this session we are indeed taught very passionately by them with amazing makeup tips that transform everyone instantly. (to our good surprise!)

<Image: Our in-house MUA, Jasmine Ho> 

<Image: Beside showing live demo on model, our MUA also guides customers to resolve any make up concern during the session.> 

One thing we wanted to do after a good session is to have tea and chit chat with every #ksistersvip. To play our part in taking care of each vip's health, we have gladly work with @oslenbakehouse who have nicely crafted a tea-snack box for each vips to bring home & enjoy it with their family! We personally tasted the bakes and can't rave enough of it! 😋 🤤

<Image: Freshly baked tea snacks for our vips from @oslenbakehouse

Behind the scenes, we are also grateful to have many wonderful friends who supported us, without them this seminar would not have run it so well & smooth. Thank you @bespoke.bloomeys for the wonderful flower jars that lit up the mood in our seminar space & @jim_and_sons (IG) for the quick & fuss free fresh coat of paint that really freshen up the space! 

<Image: Featuring beautiful glamour jar by @bespoke.bloomeys

Lastly, our heartfelt gratitude is to have our vips enjoying this session & thank you for taking your time to come down & connect with us! It was so heartening to know how many of you have taken leave and head back to work after. We truly hope all our ladies have a pampering session! 

Once again, thank you #ksistersvip & our amazing friends @arly.co @oslenbakehouse @bespoke.bloomeys @13rushes @jim_and_sons 🥰

Note: Ksisters seminar are implemented according to the safe management measures in accordance to local enforcement. 

<IG: check out our igtv tutorial on our make up look>