Lavien Calligraphy Workshop by Med Kärlek Inc. (Mother’s day Edition)

Last weekend, together with Phillane from Med Kärlek , also our Lavien muse! We hosted an intimate calligraphy workshop for our vips who are Superfans of Lavien to celebrate this coming Mother’s Day & also get to experience upcoming Lavien products!


< Phillane from Med Kärlek Inc.> 

For Phillane, it was her first time finally doing a face to face workshop after 2 years & for us it was after 1 year! 😍  It is an intimate event held at our founder's home. 

< Phillane guiding our Vips how to hold the calligraphy pen > 

Finally!! We are really thrilled to meet everyone face to face, the interactions and the K-drama conversation, our lives that we can talk & laugh about makes the ambience so lively!

<Ksisters founder, Jungmin Lee giving her welcome speech to our Vips.> 

< Heartfelt laughter and conversation with our Vips > 


< Phillane guiding our vips with the pen strokes. >  

It is many vips first time doing calligraphy with us and it was a great time to slow down, breath and picking up a new skill! We see that the quote written was carefully thought and dear to their hearts! 💓

< Vips writing their quotes for their mum / for themselves >


During this event, we also showcase our upcoming new products from Lavien, the ceramide body wash and body cream - which is made with fermented ceramide for extra moisture to the skin! It is a well-loved product as vips found that it is not sticky after application! 

 < From left to right: Lavien Ceramide body wash, Perfect V-balance tea, Ceramid body cream >

While doing calligraphy, they also get to enjoy Perfect V-balance tea which is known to aid for digestion and good replacement for caffeine lovers! It gives a nice, subtle taste, not overpowering! In fact, Many of us actually went for the 2nd, 3rd cup! 🍵

< Vip sipping on a cup of  V-balance Tea>  

Not to miss, our dear Lavien founder who wanted to join us, sharing her personal message and love to us as well! It was touching to get connected with her up close!

 < Lavien founder heartfelt message to our Vips in Singapore> 

Some highlights that happened was also to savour delicious dessert from Elijah Pies 🥧  and bringing home beautiful painted cards & bouquet of flowers done by Phillane & her team! 💐  💌



< Fresh blooms in crate ready to surprise our vips > 


We are grateful for this wonderful memories created with our ladies! Looking forward to the next one! 



< featuring some of our beautiful vips > 

And to all our wonderful #ksistersfamily who are mothers as well, A Happy Mother’s Day! Wishing you always stay beautiful inside out! 💐🌷💕

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