Ksisters Founder, Jungmin Lee became a national licensed aesthetician in Korea!

I got National Aesthetician License in Korea! 

I always wanted to push myself further to deepen my knowledge in beauty and aesthetics in general as a Kbeauty expert. But as a business owner and a mum, it was impossible to carve our few months to dedicate to a license study. But this summer, some miracle happened, so I could arrange things around me and put myself to a course which help me to apply for National Aesthetician License in Korea.

Preparing both Theory and Practice test for about total 12 weeks was a very tough journey to begin with, but I couldn't let down Team Ksisters and Family, who trusted me and sacrificed their time to support my journey.

Thanks to them, I fully focused on this license preparation during this period. Theory part I studied in Singapore for about 6 weeks, and while staying in Korea for 6 weeks, every morning I went to my class for 6 hours daily and practiced what I learned at home with mannequin, mum, husband, dad, mother in law, and aunts.. basically everyone in my family helped to become my practice model!

I couldn’t capture the whole part of exam, because you are not allowed to take photos/ videos of national exam, but I have made a collage video of my personal practice footages and uploaded as youtube vlog, so I can thank you who kept me going! Thank you for inspiring me always #ksistersfam.

I will do my best to continuously sharpen my knowledge and experience to empower your self-care journey at Ksisters! Stay tuned to more updates soon!

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