[Event] Yacht 21 x Ksisters - Pack Your Beauty

On 25 July 2019, Ksisters had the opportunity to collaborate with Yacht 21 to support their upcoming #Y21BEFREE series, which is a series of events hosted by Yacht 21 to inspire women to be free and fearless. The first event from the series, Pack Your Beauty, was held at Yacht 21’s Jewel Changi store and featured guest speakers Jungmin and Airin (founder of ARLY), as they share travel beauty tips and their own skincare routine with invited guests during a 1 hour beauty workshop.
Each guest had the chance to pen down their definition of what freedom meant to them and our team had fun writing down our thoughts while waiting for guests to arrive!
Our guests also received a goodie bag perfect for their upcoming holidays: travel-sized IWLT Protective Base Sun Cream & Hydra Balancing Rose Mist, Common Labs Ggultamin B, C & E 2-Step Masks, and a $50 Yacht 21 shopping voucher!
Airin shared her skincare tips and tricks with our attentive guests and her love for IWLT products, especially the Hydra Treatment Toner! Toner is one of the core steps in your skincare routine as it helps the rest of your skincare products absorb better into your skin.
Jungmin’s favourite way to use IWLT toner is the “7 Skin Method”! It is a step where 7 layers of toner are patted and layered onto your skin to keep it well-hydrated. Do note that 7 is not the magic number for everyone, especially in our humid weather! Jungmin usually does 2-3 layers, and we recommend to start with 2-3 layers first before adding additional layers until you find your personal equilibrium!
Airin also shared that sunblock is the most important skincare step, especially when you’re living in a humid weather like Singapore. All you need is sunblock + brow pencil + lipstick, and you’ll be ready to head outdoors. We can’t agree more, and don’t forget your facial mist to wake up that exhausted skin and keep your skin hydrated too!
The best sheet mask for convenient travelling would be none other than Common Labs Ggultamin 2-Step Masks! It has a mild peeling pad for exfoliation before you place the sheet mask on your face.
Airin uses IWLT Hydra Treatment Toner after the mild peeling pad and before the sheet mask. This helps to boost the absorption of ampoule/gel essence from the sheet mask into your skin!
Not sure which Ggultamin your skin needs? Let us help you make a wise decision!
If you have dehydrated skin, Ggultamin B keeps your skin feeling hydrated and supple with its hydrating properties.
If you have dull skin, Ggultamin C helps you achieve a radiant-looking complexion with its brightening effects. Ggultamin C is Jungmin’s favourite!
If you have dry and/or sensitive skin, Ggultamin E calms your skin from external stress with its soothing ingredients and anti-aging antioxidants. Ggultamin E is Airin’s favourite!
What better way to check out your skin’s moisture level than the Wayskin Skin Analyzer? We brought this smart device to the event so our guests can check out their moisture level on the spot with Jungmin’s guidance!
Girlbosses unite! (L-R: Jungmin, Jarenis, Airin)
A group shot with our 2nd session’s attendees! We’re glad many of our guests are skincare enthusiasts, and they possess great understanding regarding the basics of skincare. So many of them asked insightful questions during the Q&A session, which made this workshop such a great opportunity to gain and share knowledge about skincare do’s and don’ts!
We had such a great time at the event and if you were one of our invited guests, we would like to thank you for coming down to support us! We hope to organise and participate in more of such events in the near future so we can meet and connect with all of you!
Till then,
Team Ksisters