Korea vital hair growth treatment at Cheongdam Aesthetic Clinic

Ksisters has collaborated with Cheongdam Aesthetic Clinic to introduce an upgraded version of their Calecim hair growth treatment! The upgraded Calecim Hair Growth Treatment not only feature the finest Korean technology for combating hair loss, but it also includes the addition of Ksisters' Phytopecia+ products which has advanced hair loss technology to further enhance the combat against hair loss.



Benefits of Calecim Treatment

  • Restores normal hair growth cycle
  • Reduces thinning hair
  • Improves scalp inflammation

Benefits of Phytopecia products

  • Patented ingredient (P1P) to amplify healthy and stronger hair regrowth
  • Restores fundamental health of scalp
  • Maintains the right pH balance on hair and scalp
  • Phytopecia+ products can also be purchased for at-home use and maintenance at all Cheongdam outlets 


Continue reading to find out what the Calepecia Hair Growth Treatment is like! 

Step 1 – Deep Cleansing
A rejuvenating cleanse with Phytopecia+ Hair Boosting Shampoo containing P1P, a patented ingredient that promotes cell regeneration, supports scalp recovery, and addresses the effects of hair and scalp aging.

Step 2 – Microneedling 
Microneedling has been shown to improve hair growth. When combined with the Cheongdam Calecim Treatment, it stimulates collagen production, enhances blood circulation, and promotes improved hair growth.

Step 3 – Red LED Light Therapy 
Red LED light is known for its benefits for hair growth as well as anti-inflammatory properties. It effectively stimulates hair growth while also calming inflammation resulting from microneedling.

Step 4 – Phytopecia+ Scalp Essence 
Phytopecia+ Scalp Essence will be sprayed onto the scalp to nourish it with hair-regenerating ingredients and extend the benefits of the treatment.

Interested to experience the Calepecia Hair Regrowth Treatment? It is available starting from trial price of $188*. Reach out to Cheongdam to learn more or schedule an appointment here