[EVENT] byAVA Launch Event at Ksisters

We're excited to announce the arrival of byAVA in Ksisters! A brand created by Ava Lee, one of the leading Korean beauty influencers in the US. Ava's JELLOSKIN® trend, which embodies moisturised, bouncy skin, has enthralled beauty fans worldwide.

We were honoured to host the byAVA launch event at Surrey Hills Raffles City, where attendees were able to meet Ava, learn about her skincare philosophy, and enjoy a special matcha-making experience with her.

The event highlighted byAVA's Resilient Skin Booster Prebiotic and Berry Superfood Powder, a daily antioxidant supplement designed to enhance resilient, glowing skin while also supporting gut health.

Additionally, the Hormonal Balancing Elixir was featured, a carefully curated blend of traditional Chinese and Korean ingredients known for their benefits in promoting hormonal balance.

This remarkable product is packed with immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits, along with Vitamins A and C, to keep your skin and gut healthy and vibrant. It's an ideal addition to your daily regimen, helping you achieve the sought-after "JELLOSKIN®" glow.

We invite you to experience the benefits of byAVA's Resilient Skin Booster and Hormonal Balancing Elixir for yourself. Try it today and unlock the secret to resilient, glowing skin. Purchase yours now and join the JELLOSKIN® revolution!