[Korean Mandu Class] Celebrating CNY with Jung beauty friends

A New Year is a celebration of family, friends, and food. To celebrate this occasion, Jungmin and the Jung Beauty team hosted a cozy gathering with beloved creators and muses for a fun Mandu-making session served with delicious Korean dishes for lunch. Mandu, also known as Korean dumplings, is a traditional dish that represents good fortune and prosperity for the coming year. It's a dish that brings people together, and what better way to bond than by making Mandus together?

Jungmin's house was the ideal venue for the event, with its inviting atmosphere adding a sense of warmth and comfort to the festivities. Guests were treated to adorable bunny butter cookies and delectable Cheongsam and Gongmi Tea before entering the kitchen to learn the art of Mandu-making (taught by Jungmin and the Jung Beauty team!). The creators rolled out the dough, filled the dumplings with a delicious mixture of meats and vegetables, and steamed them to perfection under Jungmin's expert guidance (read to the end for the yummy Mandu recipe!)

Jungmin and the team prepared flower bouquets and the popular Jung Beauty Hair Care Power Duo for beloved creators and muses.Cute bunny butter cookies served with delicious Cheongsum and Gongmi tea.Ready for Mandu making!Everyone is paying extra attention to Jungmin's Mandu-folding tips.Working hard to mix the Mandu ingredients!Super focused on creating the best Mandu! 

 The end result was a sensory overload, with the scent of Mandu wafting through the air and the satisfying crunch of Jungmin's secret ingredient- Kimchi made by her mother-in-law! Everyone sat down to enjoy their hard-earned creations and take in the lovely setting, complete with elegant decorations and a festive atmosphere, all while chatting about their love for Korean culture! Jungmin and the team were especially excited to share more about the upcoming product launches!

Korean cuisine like Gimbap, Dak-galbi, Japchae, Seaweed soup, and many more yummy dishes was served for lunch.All smiles upon seeing the delicious food!Mandus packed in beautiful Bojagi for creators and muses to bring home and share with their families!Jungmin with beloved Jung Beauty muses.Jungmin with Jung Beauty's beloved creators.

Yummy Mandu recipe for you to try at home!

Bonding with beloved creators and muses over a shared love of food, culture, and tradition, it was truly an unforgettable experience for all. As the event came to a close, everyone left with full bellies, happy hearts, a newfound appreciation for the art of Mandu-making, and, of course, more Mandus wrapped in beautiful Bojagi for the influencers to enjoy with their families at home!