[Best of Phytopecia, Aug 22] Magdalene's Journey

Magdalene has been an avid user of Phytopecia Hair Care Series and finds herself reaching for the products even after her recent third pregnancy!

“When I had my firstborn 5 years ago I was a clueless first-time mom and didn’t even know there was such a thing called postpartum hair loss. Needless to say, I didn’t do anything to prevent or help with it and my hair loss was pretty bad.

Naturally when I had my 2nd baby, I was much more informed and prepared. I had heard of Ksisters Phytopecia range and used it from Day 1. The difference in my postpartum hair loss this time round was astounding. Lesser hair fall and faster hair regrowth. Even my hair stylist could see the vast difference in my hair!

Now that I’ve just had my 3rd kid, there’s no doubt I’m using Phytopecia to combat the postpartum hair loss again. In fact, I’ve been using the shampoo for 2 years. Loving my luscious, healthy hair with Phytopecia!”