[Best of Probiotics, Aug 22] Ying Tian's Journey

A tablet a day over 3 months makes wearing high waist pants an easy affair, says Ying Tian, whoΒ likesΒ our πππ‘πŸπŸ• πƒπ’πžπ­ ππ«π¨π›π’π¨π­π’πœπ¬ for requiring minimal effort to consume.

WithinΒ the span of 2 months, sheΒ has seen improvements in her gut health with almost zero bloatedness. She no longer faces constipation issues and her bowel movements are very regular, allowing her to lose 0.8kg combined with light exercise and breastfeeding.

Her son, Stry, has also seen gut health improvement with regular toilet trips ever since he started taking πππ‘πŠπˆπƒπ’ π‚π‘πžπ°πšπ›π₯𝐞 ππ«π¨π›π’π¨π­π’πœπ¬. Even better, he automatically takes the tablets before going to school, with no reminders needed from Ying Tian!Β